The success of Freestyle Jam Camp could not have been made possible without the support of our sponsors.

I hope that one day you get to meet these awesome individuals!

A sincere "Thank You" goes to:

John Baldwin the Great- the one, the only, the Official Jam Camp website designer and host that volunteers endless hours to making sure you can get up-to-date online jam camp breaking news!

Carolyn Hubbard- The best graphic artist that has - over the years- designed and helped with Jam Camp logos as well as being a Jam Camp instructor.

Amy French - Philanthropist and talented artist that designed and donated her whimsical logo to Jam Camp 2012.

Ron & Stacey Vingerelli - two philanthropists that support teaching disc skills to the youth of America

Beth Verish - a philanthropist that hosts, helps, and attends Jam Camp every year!

Marie Del Rose- a philanthropist that hasn't been able to attend Jam Camp but always supports Jam Camp by buying t-shirts!

Mark & Susie Horn- two of the nicest philanthropists that annually host out-of-town campers and instructors.

JT- the originator of the Z Machine, annually brings out his machines to help teach the nail delay.

Freestyle Players Association Board Of Directors-  a great group of volunteers that awarded a Spread the Jam Grant to Jam Camp 2012 that will put 500 discs into the hands of 500 kids!

Discovering the World- specifically June and Dan Mangone- for  supporting Jam Camp by printing 500 fastback discs at a discount

Discraft- specifically Jim and Gail for supporting Jam Camp by printing 100 Skystyler discs at a discount

Kroh's Screen Graphics- specifically Jim and Rick for supporting Jam Camp by printing up fabulous t-shirts and stickers at a discount

David Martinez- Recreation Services Supervisor at Salazar Park

Alfred Davis & the Soul Company - for rocking it at the Arcadia Blues Club on Saturday night

The Illustrious Jam Camp Volunteer Staff:

Danny Cameranesi - Thousand Oaks, California

Harvey Brandt - Phoenix, Arizona

Dan "Stork" Roddick - Pasadena, California

Dave Lewis - Los Angeles, California

Jens Velasquez - Morristown, New Jersey

Jake Gauthier - Portland, Oregon

Todd Brodeur - Boston, Massachusetts

Mike Miller - Hacienda Heights, California

Suzanne Strait - Chesapeake, Ohio

Benny Wong- Pasadena, California

Bethany Sanchez - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bill Wright - Ft. Collins, Colorado

Arthur Coddington- San Lorenzo, California

Doug Korns - San Jose, California

Daniel O'Neill - New York, New York

Dave Murphy - San Diego, California

Steve "Leaker" Rieck - Santa Barbara, California

Jesse Ugalde - Los Angeles, California

Hugo Ugalde - Los Angeles, Caliifornia

Joel Rogers- Oceanside, California

Ryan Young- Seattle, Washington

and thanks to all the campers that come from near and far to learn to play our beloved sport!