DDC (Double Disc Court)

DDC is played by two teams of two players each. The courts are 13 meters square and 17 meters apart. You get one point for a throw that lands and stays in the opponents' court. Your opponents get one point if your throw touches outside their court. If you can arrange it so that the other team is touching both discs at the same time, you get two points. That is called "doubling" your opponents.

The Flying Disc Answer To Armed Conflict

Object of the Game:
To have fun, running about while throwing and catching discs with a large number of others. It’s also possible to score points by throwing discs into the opponents’ goal.

Number of Players:
Thirty to seventy-five players per team works best, but games have been played with as few as ten and as many as 150 per side. Divide the players in to two teams of equal strength or natural division such as sophomores versus freshmen, uncles and aunts versus cousins or Canada versus U.S.

What is a Dodgebee?

A Dodgebee is a soft washable flying disc made with a nylon covered soft foam that is firm enough to hold its shape but still soft enough to throw and catch easily and safely. Dodgebee is an exciting, fast-paced interactive game that promotes healthy exercise, team sportsmanship, and safe play. Schools, school wellness programs, youth camps and family/company picnics are perfect for Dodgebee related activities.