January 2012


Welcome to Freestyle Jam Camp 2012 !

 What is Freestyle?
Performing creative, artistic and athletic moves with flying discs is the essence of freestyle.

One of the most dramatic events in disc sports, competitive freestyle combines aspects of gymnastics and dance with the basic game of throw and catch. Teams of two or three players perform choreographed routines consisting of throws, catches and moves with one or more discs.

What is Freestyle Jam Camp? 

Freestyle Jam Camp is a special place and time that promotes creativity, cooperation, and sportsmanship through frisbee disc instruction.

Let's say that you like throwing a frisbee but have trouble getting throws to your friends.  Or, you already have some skills and want to learn more tricky stuff.  Or, maybe you have never thrown a frisbee!

At Freestyle Jam Camp you will learn fundamental frisbee skills  from the basic (throwing and catching) to the professional level.  You will even learn how to apply your new skills to other frisbee games.

You will  learn from a super team of World Champions and Professional Frisbee disc experts.

Freestyle Jam Camp will be held January 14 &15, 2012 in the Los Angeles, California area. There are two sites: Jan 14 - Salazar Park, in east Los Angeles and Jan 15 - Santa Monica Beach (Fraser Ave & Barnard Way).